Drop The Floor are the heartbeat of Clitheroe’s traditional music dynasty. The quartet is bonded by friendship and their musical empathy is seamless.
When playing live DTF never fail to have an immediate impact on the audience – be it a festival stage or in a more intimate venue.
Their relentless musical dedication and attention to detail is clearly evident in “Raise The Roof” – their debut album. It’s a dead set winner and will surely provide a platform for this infectious quartet to a reach a growing national audience.

Phil Brown

Big Whistle Music & “The Drift” – BBC Radio Lancashire

Raise The Roof; The Debut Album by Drop The Floor

Recorded live at The Grand Studio’s, Clitheroe. November 2013

Currently available at any forthcoming show or by contacting the band directly via the Contact Page, “Raise The Roof” will very shortly be available to purchase directly from this site via Paypal

1. Jig/Reels: Fraher’s, The Mountain Road, The Gravel Walks 4:55

2. Song/Jig: Bold Doherty, The Templehouse Jig 4:41

3. Hornpipe/Reels: McDermot’s, Sporting Nell, The Shetland Reel 5:08

4. Jigs: Morrison’s, Jackson’s Bottle of Brandy, The Dusty Windowsills 6:18

5. Song/Reel: Nancy Whisky, Miss McLeod’s 4:17

6. Slow Air/Strathspey/Reel: Neil Gows Lament for the Death of his 2nd Wife, Glenlivet, Roxburgh Castle 6:16

7. Song: The Galway Shawl 6:37

8. Reels: Christmas Eve, Col McBain, The Flowers of Red Hill, Rakish Paddy 5:25

9. Slow Air/Jig: An Druimfhionn Donn Dílis*, The Gold Ring 5:29

10. Song/Reel: Pendle Sally**, The Maids of Mount Kisco 5:14

11. Jigs: Sonny Brogan’s, Tatter Jack Walsh, The Humours of Ennistymon 5:11

12. Slow Air: Half an Hour Late is Early for Me 3:04